6 Things to Do in Your First Week in New York City

6 Things to Do in Your First Week in New York City

  • Anil Jintoorkar
  • 02/20/23

New York City is a world-class metropolis, a center for the arts, food, and culture, and a great place to live. But the “Big Apple” has more to explore than anyone could hope to experience in a week, let alone a lifetime. Luckily enough, living in New York City means you have access to one of the most efficient mass transit systems in the world, and it’s easier than ever to get around if you’re in a time crunch. Come along with us as we cover the top sights!

Midtown and Broadway

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New York City has been known for its skyline since the earliest days of the 20th century. With that said, the streets that circulate around Manhattan’s busiest districts can only be truly experienced on foot. Iconic Midtown and Broadway form the beating heart of much of this area, and it’s worth your time to explore this bustling neighborhood in person if you’re considering moving to New York City.

We recommend doing a short walking tour around the city’s best-known buildings or hopping on a bus tour of Midtown, which is deceptively large. Make sure to check out the Empire State Building (book a ride to the observation deck), Rockefeller Center, and historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral when you’re in the area. Head over to Times Square to see the U.S.’s most-photographed street, and don’t forget to buy a couple of seats at a Broadway show.

Central Park and Museum Mile

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On your next day in NYC, think about changing up your strategy and take in a quieter, more leisurely side of the city. Central Park, the country’s fifth-largest city park, offers visitors and new residents with a uniquely casual chance to enjoy nature in the heart of the most densely-populated city in the country. Take a bike tour, visit the Loeb Boathouse or famous Strawberry Fields, and hit the Tavern on the Green for the best dining experience in the park.

Bordering Central Park on Fifth Avenue from 110th to 82nd streets, you’ll find the legendary “Museum Mile.” Here, you’ll find a healthy proportion of the city’s greatest cultural centers, from the Museum for African Art (slated to move to East Harlem in the coming years) to the recognizable Guggenheim Museum and the Met, which houses one of the largest collections of art objects anywhere on the planet. Be sure to register for tickets in advance if your chosen museum offers them because lines can be quite long on any day.

Tour Manhattan neighborhoods

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New York City is one of the most densely-populated cities on Earth, and each neighborhood carries its own unique charms and history. We think it’s a great idea to spend a day traveling between as many of them as you can visit. Some of the most well-known neighborhoods in Manhattan include:

  • Little Italy, home to a proud Italian community and the site of many Hollywood films
  • Chelsea, home to the High Line elevated park and many top-tier art galleries
  • SoHo, which stands for “South of Houston Street” and retains historical brownstone architecture and a thriving shopping district
  • East Village, full of lively bars, restaurants, and concert venues
  • Chinatown, with countless opportunities for nightlife and inexpensive shopping

Explore Brooklyn

The fastest-growing borough in NYC is Brooklyn, located just to the east of Manhattan and its famous skyline. Here is where you can stretch out and cover some ground quickly, thanks to the world-class mass transit system. One way to start your day in Brooklyn is to cross the iconic Brooklyn Bridge on foot, taking in the sights from a distance as you approach the borough.

For lunch, cross through DUMBO (which stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”) to the Dekalb Market Hall to taste culinary treats from hundreds of Brooklyn’s best vendors. Take a tour of Williamsburg to enjoy any number of the neighborhood’s trendiest thrift stores, cafes, and breweries. Finally, head east to Prospect Park and Imagination Playground to take a load off in the comfort of New York’s most kid-friendly outdoor park.

Head downtown

Lower Manhattan offers visitors and new residents just as many sightseeing highlights as Uptown. We recommend splitting up your tour of Manhattan in at least two days, however, because there’s simply too much to see at one time.

From downtown Manhattan, you can jump on the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Then, back on Manhattan Island proper, you can walk or subway to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum to take in this historic national monument. Take a bus tour of the downtown area for a more tailored take on NYC exploration.

Check out the Bronx

New York City’s northernmost borough is the Bronx, home of some of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the entire U.S. Since the Bronx is quite sprawling, we recommend limiting your visit to see the highlights that the borough has to offer. You’ll probably find yourself coming back to this borough more often than you think.

Sports fans of all ages will enjoy a day trip to Yankee Stadium, which is easy to find thanks to numerous subway lines intersecting nearby. Don’t forget to add the New York Botanical Garden to your to-do list, and bring the kids to the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, which is on-site. The Met Cloisters provides a quiet hideaway from the city streets, and the Bronx Zoo is also here, which contains over 4,000 unique species from around the world.

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