Why your Home Search Needs to Include a Neighborhood Search

Why your Home Search Needs to Include a Neighborhood Search

  • Anil Jintoorkar
  • 08/21/22

Homebuyers have their work cut out for them. Selecting a home presents quite the project; there are the financials, architectural style, house age, upgrades, and location to figure out. While the rabbit hole of details can drag a home seeker down, it’s essential to determine what might be the most crucial aspect within your scope: the neighborhood.

Investigating the community around your new house is essential, as it will determine your future “village.” Here are some ideas to narrow down what neighborhood has the perfect New York City homes for sale.

Stroll down the avenue to experience the town firsthand

If your new locale is within walking or driving distance, hitting the pavement is the best way to catch the community vibe. One of the top destinations for New York City luxury homes is the Bowery section of Manhattan, and its 100 score in walkability is part of its appeal. Many fantastic places are within a few steps of any part of this district. While Bowery is relatively small, housed from St. Mark’s Place to Grand Street, its list of dining selections is not. There are 741 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in this neighborhood, and 76 of them can be walked or biked to in five minutes.

Aside from the eateries, glorious parks adorn the sidewalks. Liz Christy Community Garden is a slice of paradise. Its history is inspiring. While it was initially established in the 17th century by a Dutch Farmer, the park’s namesake refurbished the site and started a trend of plant donations. The Green Guerrillas, a group of gardening activists, fought to have the land regrown, spurring other floriculture projects around New York City. The garden remains a touch of paradise within the urban sprawl. It has splendid foliage, such as flowering perennials, birch trees, and grape arbors, among many other fabulous finds. Take in fantastic horticulture, speak to the locals, view the traffic, and watch the camaraderie between folks. Savoring Bowery’s attractions is a great way to get a sense of the community vibe.

Let technology aid your imagination if you are moving long distance

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As New York City real estate is one of the most thriving housing markets in the country, it’s natural that many home seekers might be relocating from an airplane flight away. If you fall in this category, meandering through your neighborhood of interest isn’t possible. Try out the Walk The Distance app to become acquainted with the region in a virtual setting. The design of the program is geared towards fitness, so you can achieve multiple goals at one time. Central Park in New York City is one of the incredible options, as well as choices like the Appalachian Trail and Boston. Take in the breathtaking scenery while improving your health. Group walks are available for all sorts of organizations, such as Community Walking Clubs, Service Clubs, and even Book Clubs or Card Clubs. If you’re not acquainted with anyone in New York City yet, you can try meetup.com and contact a welcoming group that runs an event like Central Park Walk.

Live there for a day to get the full picture of the area

The daytime jaunt is a helpful way to get to know life in a new place. Observing the nightlife or a few days’ routines would help you make new discoveries. Airbnb is a brilliant option for accomplishing this. NoHo, a section of the city with elegant homes for sale in New York City, has a few options. The moniker NoHo is derived from its placement north of Houston Street. Notable people have been a part of this neighborhood, such as the Vanderbilts, Astors, Charles Dickens, and Washington Irving. Perfectly snuggled between Greenwich Village and the East Village, the section of town has attracted several famous personalities of late. Visit this NoHo Airbnb for a vacation with a purpose. Located in the heart of the community, this stellar loft is just right for getting familiar with the city lifestyle. The interior design is a pleasurable sample of New York culture. Large windows facing the southern part of the area let in plenty of natural light. It has some New York flavor with exposed brick and ceiling beams. Including almost 40 comforting amenities, this Airbnb selection will be the most rejuvenating part of your home-seeking journey.

Familiarize yourself with a local perspective from a local publication

Speaking to locals with a daytime jaunt or weekend trip is a realistic way to try out living in New York City. For knowledge of the larger picture, getting a subscription to a local publication would provide a great deal of information about what topics are trending. The New Yorker is a time-honored magazine that has reflected elite culture for decades. After almost 100 years in syndication, this revered periodical is known to be a prominent segment of the global conversation. The political and cultural genre is where The New Yorker mainly lies, but it does also produce fiction, poetry, and humor. New issues can be obtained via print or online. Classic masterpieces going back to 1925 can be found in several places: all issues are available within its digital archive (available to all digital subscribers), Audm.com stores selected pieces of audio readings, and podcasts are available. The New Yorker presents many more intriguing and entertaining facets to its journals and is an integral part of New York City tradition.

Join the local discussion by streaming a live radio or television show

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After exploring the hot topics among the avant-garde with a weekly reading, obtain more perspective with a cherished regional television or radio show. Bernie & Sid in the Morning prides itself on being “the number one morning show in New York City.” New Yorkers appreciate the jubilant banter on weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m. Bernie and Sid have a joyous repartee on hot topics like entertainment, sports, and politics. Join the audience anytime to learn about living in New York City.

If you’re looking into the spectacular homes for sale in New York City, contact Anil Jintoorkar. He can be contacted at (516) 669-5615 or [email protected]. Anil’s knowledge and expertise will allow you to navigate New York City real estate with ease.

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